Derek Kelly, PT

Physical Therapist
Adult Outpatient Therapy

Derek brings to our team the unique perspective of being a professional athlete and a physical therapist. He is Maitland trained with a clinical focus on manual therapies including but not limited to Maitland mobilizations, soft tissue release, and dry needling. Derek’s approach focuses on manual techniques in early-stage rehab that reduce pain and improve mobility, which allows his patients to exercise without aggravating symptoms. In conjunction with manual therapies, he uses an exercise-based rehab approach that is essential to help his patients return to function and/or participation in sports and hobbies. Derek’s extensive experience with running-athlete profiling programs and functional movement screenings alongside internationally renowned strength and conditioning coaches has provided him with a unique perspective in rehabilitating a wide variety of patients to their previous functional level. Derek has been with the Compleat Team since 2013.

Training: Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physical Therapy, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland in 2011
Certifications: Dry Needling, Vestibular & Balance Rehab, Sports Traumatology

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