Category: Physical Therapy

Dec10th 2022

Physical Therapy Can Help Golfer’s Hip Mobility and Pain

Are you noticing soreness or pain in your groin? Does your back seem to feel better the more warmed up your hips are? Golfing requires a tremendous range of motion to swing the club effectively. Our physical therapists at Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy understand golfing mechanics and how vital your hips are to swing

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Nov20th 2022

The Benefits of Pre-hab and Post-Op Therapy For Athletes

Are you an athlete facing an upcoming surgical procedure? Are you looking for ways to maximize your outcome? Just like in sports, practice before your game is the difference between winning and losing. If you are looking for the edge in your recovery, preparing yourself the same way you do for game day is essential.

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Nov10th 2022

Physical Therapy Can Help With Gymnastic Injuries

Have you struggled to get back on the beam after rolling your ankle? Do you notice your back still hurts after doing a back walkover? At Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy in China Grove, Gastonia, Harrisburg, Highland Creek, Lincolnton, Locust, Mint Hill, Mount Holly, South Charlotte, Riverwood, and Steele Creek NC we have physical therapists

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