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Mar20th 2022

Eliminate Your Need for Opioids with Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Can Manage Your Pain so You can Kick the Drugs! As stated by the American Physical Therapy Association, “The White House has announced that APTA is among the organizations that have joined a public-private partnership to combat opioid usage and prescription drug abuse, and that the association will reach out to the public

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Feb20th 2022

6 Ways Physical Therapy Can Provide Pain Relief Without Medication

Have you found yourself unable to enjoy your daily routine because of pain? Do you think you’re still suffering from the effects of a previous injury or degenerative condition that calls for constant pain management? If so, you might find that your “go-to” pain relief technique comes in the form of medication. However, prescription drugs

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Dec10th 2021

Did You Know Physical Therapy Could Help You Avoid Surgery?

If You’re Living with Back Pain, Physical Therapy Could be the Solution There are few more debilitating conditions than persistent pain in your back. Whether the pain is dull or severe, back pain can limit you from performing simple daily tasks that you once enjoyed. While nearly 80 per cent of adults experience back pain

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