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Jan10th 2023

Bounce Back To a Pain-Free Life With Physical Therapy

Are you in serious acute or chronic pain? Perhaps you’ve had an issue with your back or hip for a long time. Maybe you’re healing from an unforeseen sports injury, or you’re still coping with the effects of an automobile accident. No matter what the case may be, physical therapy can help you with any

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Dec10th 2022

Physical Therapy Can Help Golfer’s Hip Mobility and Pain

Are you noticing soreness or pain in your groin? Does your back seem to feel better the more warmed up your hips are? Golfing requires a tremendous range of motion to swing the club effectively. Our physical therapists at Compleat Rehab & Sports Therapy understand golfing mechanics and how vital your hips are to swing

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Jun10th 2021

Trouble With Tension Headaches? Here’s How Physical Therapy Can Help.

Do you find yourself plagued by tension headaches in the morning, at noon, and night? Have you noticed that emotional or physical stress seem to trigger your headaches? If you’re nodding yes, know that you’re not alone. You’re one of the many Americans suffering from stress-related or “tension” headaches. Headaches affect 47% of the global

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