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Jul20th 2022

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Daily Physical Activity

These PT Tips Can Help You Live a More Active Life! If you spend your days moving with pain and living a fairly sedentary life as a result, the notion of pursuing any kind of extensive physical activity may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, even if you are living with pain, getting

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Jun20th 2022

Therapeutic Exercise Therapy Versus Massage Therapy – Which Is More Beneficial?

Discover Which Treatment Method is Best for You! Therapeutic exercise therapy and massage therapy are both incredibly beneficial methods of treatment. But which one is best for you? While both methods can aid in pain relief and decreased inflammation, they do have some distinct differences.  Both can be used to combat chronic pain symptoms but

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Apr10th 2022

6 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Have you noticed a decline in your overall physical health lately? This is to be expected as you age. Did you know though, that a person’s physical health has a direct impact on their mood? People with very active lifestyles tend to be happier and live much longer, according to the Mayo Clinic. They may

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